from myth (-1.00) to power (+1.00) is a poster series reflecting on the subject of certainty in the technology text mining.

Text mining: an effective technology that brings power, as it has definitely proven to absolutely always verify truth? Or is this technology rather a ridiculous myth, nonsense and a lie?

This poster series from myth (-1.00) to power (+1.00) is based on the script, written by the developers of the text mining software package Pattern to detect "the degree of certainty as a value between -1.0 and +1.0, where values > +0.5 represent facts".

In the script, the concept of being certain is divided up in 9 categories:

after which a set of words is connected to each category, for example this set of nouns:

By using these words to describe text mining, the posters become a linguistic mirror for a technology that offers companies and governments their certainty-gear.

Text mining companies playing the game of certainty. They offer "the power to know", "the absolute truth", "with an accuracy that rivals and surpasses humans", "easily and automatically" "to deliver meaningful information" "with unbeatable accuracy".

The script is an example of a rule-based program, full with pre-defined truths. The words fact (+1.00), evidence (+0.75) and (even!) data (+0.75) indicate a high level of certainty. As opposed to words like fiction (-1.00), and belief (-0.25).

Welcome in the game of certainty.