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AddWords (2016)

AddWords is a live performance and consultancy tool commissioned by V2_ for their conference evening Cloud Labour Night, and developed and produced in collaboration with Lucia Dossin and Max Dovey.

AddWords AddWords screens displaying the words that have the lowest and highest estimated daily click rate according to the Google Adwords market

The tool applies a scoring system used in online advertising to a series of lectures on digital labour. By applying the scoring metric used in Google Adwords to each speaker's presentation, search terms are suggested to promote the accompanied exhibition "The Gig is Up!". During the evening, the spoken 'text' is transcribed, analysed, displayed and ordered according to market value.

AddWords Addwords AddWords AddWords during the Cloud Labour Night in V2_

At the end of the evening an optimization report is presented, containing stats, titel suggestions for each lecture and a generated advert text. Based on the results of the Cloud Labour Night, an actual online advert is launched using the Google Adwords system.

AddWords final optimization report

AddWords is performed on the 27 October 2016 in V2_, Institute for Unstable Media, Rotterdam.


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