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Fingerkrieg (2015)

Fingerkrieg is a short but intense web-browser game, in which the player is asked to make as many hits as possible in 15 seconds. How the user makes these hits depends on the team he/she is in: the clickers, or the swipers. The user's device determines which team the player is part of. Smartphones and tablets are redirected to the swipers, and laptops and desktop computers are redirected to the clickers.

The game presents two human-hardware interfaces as extentions of the human hand, as tools that mediate the relationship with webpages, filesystems, documents and other digital media. While the act of clicking on mouse-buttons or touchpads is binary (as it's about being either 'on' or 'off'), the act of swiping is a more naturalized gesture. By intensifying these gestures in 15 seconds, Finkerkrieg emphasizes the specific types of human-hardware interaction.

start screen displaying the team of the player

loading screen of the Clicking team


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